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The current model of produce and pay to compete against non-qualified user generated content is a lose-lose proposition for DMO’s in the current social channel and broadcast environment.

Expansion of the Google Eco-system has cannibalized website traffic from brand sites to Google initiatives and YouTube. This view is taking the user away from exploring any website that may be associated with a DMO or CVB and further positioning Google in the center of the trip planning process.

This move has opened a new front in the battle DMOs are fighting to maintain relevance on the ever-shifting travel marketing landscape. The Adventure Channel is a two-facet, privately-funded online marketing cooperative for DMO’s looking to showcase video and visual content to target and attract demonstrated travelers.

The Avventure Channel showcases our respective partner destination video productions with of goal of attracting and retaining consumer attention while displacing lesser-quality and non-authoritative production found on YouTube and other social video channels. If the consumer can’t find your story, they may find one somewhere else and who knows, with certainty, the impression it will make?

Simply, our strategies are derived to satisfy the needs of our partner DMO’s by producing a dedicated resource for travelers while providing outreach opportunities which meet the contemporary marketing needs of DMO’s in the world’s most popular destinations. We aggregate the best destination content, video, photos and news.

CO-OPETITION: Coopetition is the act of cooperation between competing companies. Definition courtesy of www.investipedia.com

The traditional concept of business as a “winner takes all” contest is giving way to a realization that in the networked economy, companies must both cooperate and compete. Termed “co-opetition,” this new perspective requires companies to create business strategies that capitalize on relationships in order to create maximum value in the marketplace.

“Co-opetition”-- a model in which a network of stakeholders cooperate and compete to create maximum value – is one of the most important business perspectives of recent years. Internet and mobile technologies have made it even more necessary for organizations to both cooperate and compete, by enabling relationships through information sharing as well as integrating and streamlining processes. In today's networked economy, co-opetition is a powerful means of identifying new market opportunities and developing business strategy.

The Avventure Channel is “coopetition” for participating DMO’s. The Avventure Channel provides a platform for destination competitors to work together in building an exclusive “video destination” to benefit all of those in our marketing partnerships with targeted branding and focused awareness of a one-stop location for consumers seeking access to their valuable visual assets. The Avventure Channel helps DMO’s harness the power of independent video producers for brining attention to their destination.

We are publishers. We are market developers. We are content producers. Our goal is to deliver qualified traffic.

The Avventure Channel generates a significant volume of traffic to our website - all with a passion for travel and avventure. Contact us to learn more about partnering your destination travel videos with the Avventure Channel!

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