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The Costa Rica Sunset Experience

Whatever travel challenges are presented when travelling to Costa Rica are "cured" with your first sunset. (photo: Andrea Webb)

I’m not a seasoned traveler. On this particular day, it seemed to be one bad thing after the next. A long chain of events that led to no food or water from travel nerves and unlucky airport lines. The final challenge was a winding bus ride.

The bus driver was skilled and you could tell he had mastered this road long ago, but I had not mastered being a passenger to this type of speedy, mountainous ride.

We stopped at one area to view some crocodiles in the river. This pit stop was a break for my unusual motion sickness. After a quick pep talk and some motivation, I got back in the bus to our next stop, a small beachside restaurant on Playa Hermosa, featuring gorgeous black sand beaches. The rain and motion sickness had dampened my interest in actually swimming at the beach, but our group gathered and talked along the beach.

Even though it was lightly raining everyone was alternating from wandering along the beach, looking at the large waves crashing and surfers gliding across them, finding small colorful stones along the beach, and meeting group members. It was the perfect time to de-stress from the journey while relaxing in the light mist of rain.

All it took to create a beautiful moment, with some equally appreciative company, was a sunset. Not just any sunset though. This sunset blossomed from a gray, dreary beginning to a small orange orb. It melted away the dismal clouds, leaving a sun-kissed hue in the sky. It radiated, it glowed, and it morphed into many shades of orange over several minutes.

It was such an incredible sunset even the local guides were mesmerized by it and made sure to mention that this good of a sunset doesn’t happen every day. That’s just what I needed.

An end to my terrible perspective to a new inspired outlook. No matter where you are in the world, what your day consisted of, leave it with the sunset and refresh yourself. You deserve it.