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From its spectacular cities and storybook-perfect coast, to its dazzling theme parks and breathtaking natural wonders, California is one of those vacation spots where if you can’t find something to see or do, you’re probably not looking very hard.

Where else in one day can you—with a healthy dose of California-style enthusiasm and a good strong cup of coffee—surf ocean breakers in the morning and hit the ski slopes before sunset? Admittedly, you might want to chill a bit more than that on vacation, so you can just stash the list of things you didn’t get to this time for the next time you come. In fact, it’s not unusual to bump into Californians who haven’t seen everything in their home state—it’s that big and that diverse.

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SOURCE: Visit California

Description: Remote Control Helicopter Captures California's Beauty - Henry is living his dream, and it happens to have a remote control and an incredible view. Imagine soaring over California's iconic boardwalks, beaches and coastline like this.

SOURCE: Visit California

Description: Remote Control Helicopter Captures California's Beauty - Henry is living his dream, and it happens to have a remote control and an incredible view. Imagine soaring over California's iconic boardwalks, beaches and coastline like this.

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Trike Gliding Over Sonoma Valley

Take Flight with this Introductory Tandem Trike Flight Over Beautiful Sonoma County Experience the thrill of flying through the air on a trike glider! This is an amazing opportunity to take to the open skies and see what all of the fun is about. You will be introduced to this amazing piece of equipment and suited up prior to take-off. Then it's time to take to the skies, you will fly above the beautiful Sonoma Valley for approximately 90 minutes before you head back and have to say good-bye. Whether you are looking to begin a new hobby or you are simply looking to try it, you’ll be able to say you've soared!

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Paragliding Experience Over Malibu

Soar Effortlessly over the Stunning Beaches of Southern California on a Powered Paraglider in Malibu Take off from either the hills of Ojai, just to the north of Los Angeles, or from the cliff tops overlooking the beaches of Malibu, depending on your flight time. Paragliding is the easiest and safest way to experience the thrill of flight and one of the most incredible ways to enjoy the absolutely perfect coastal setting of Southern California.

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Tandem Skydive San Diego

Experience the Thrill of a Tandem Freefall Over Beautiful San Diego Leap from a plane harnessed to a license tandem instructor approximately 2½ miles above the ground and freefall for 60 seconds! Deploying the parachute at about 5000 feet, you and your instructor will enjoy a five to six minute parachute flight over Southern California’s gorgeous landscape! After a briefing on training and safety, you will completely understand the equipment and the sequence of events. You and your jumpmaster will board the aircraft wearing a dual harness assembly. Once you reach your jump altitude you will exit the aircraft securely harnessed to your instructor for an unbelievable freefall at 110 M.P.H!

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San Diego Brewery Tour

Explore the Best Breweries in Town During this Guided San Diego Tour Expand your knowledge of beer during a fun and educational five-hour Brewery Tour of San Diego. This fun and relaxed Beer Tasting Tour will teach you all about the world of ale, hops, barley and more. The fun of this experience gift begins when your Guide picks you up in Downtown San Diego. You will then be chauffeured to three of the City's most popular local Brewing Companies where you will enjoy tastings of award-winning beers. Your Guide will educate the group on the unique histories and processes of San Diego's popular breweries and on the City's thriving Craft Beer Industry. Featured stops on the beer tours range from Ballast Point, San Marcos Brewery, San Diego Brewing Company and more! In addition to the beer tastings, you will also enjoy lunch or dinner depending upon the tour you choose. When the tour has concluded, you will be escorted back to your original pick-up point.

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Santa Clarita Cooking Class

Learn to Cook During a Three Hour Valencia Culinary Class Have you always wanted to learn to cook from a professional? Then this tasty experience gift is sure to satisfy your appetite. So sharpen up your knife skills as you learn the secrets of a top chef in Valencia! The fun and excitement of this Southern California Cooking Class begins at the culinary studio. Here you’ll meet with the chef culinary skills for the menu du jour during either a three-hour, hands-on or demonstration Culinary Class. Classes cover various epicurean topics such as pasta-making, regional dishes, sushi making, as well as pastry classes and more! The Hands-On Cooking Classes feature personal instruction offered in a small class setting where each participant will have their own work station, set of tools and supplies and of course all the recipes. The Demonstration Culinary Classes offer a wide range of menus prepared by our experienced chefs. No matter which class you choose, you will then sample the entire menu and get to take home all the recipes to prepare for your family. So whether this will be your first time in the kitchen or you’re a seasoned chef, this Santa Clarita Class is sure to be one of the most mouth-watering unique gifts you’ve ever enjoyed!

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La Jolla Kayaking & Snorkeling Adventure For Two

Enjoy La Jolla Guided Kayaking Tour & Snorkeling Adventure For Two Kayak to the beautiful sea caves of La Jolla and snorkel throughout the La Jolla Ecological Reserve with a guest. Explore the beautiful sea cliffs up close and personal as we paddle to these amazing sandstone formations, and enter the water to view the stunning rock reef below. Snorkel in the calm waters protected by the crescent shaped La Jolla Cove, and catch a glimpse of sea lions sunning on the rocks nearby while garibaldi and other indigenous fish surround you. Paddle out to the underwater kelp forest, searching for harbor seals, dolphins, and more before returning to the sandy flats to snorkel with the leopard sharks. These majestic creatures are totally harmless, and inhabit the shallow waters along the shore during the warm water months. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience the best of these diverse habitats in a combined kayaking and snorkeling adventure with your guest!

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Sail San Francisco Bay

Learn Sailing on the San Francisco Bay with a Two Hour Lesson Considering getting into the sport of sailing? This Two-Hour San Francisco Bay Introductory Sailing Session is a great first step! Board a six-man skippered charter designed to provide individuals who are considering getting into sailing with a real glimpse of the sport. Two hours on beautiful San Francisco Bay will help you to determine if you want to make sailing a bigger part of your life. This experience begins when you meet with your captain and join a six-membered team as you learn some of the basic sailing concepts aboard the 36 foot sloop. Upon completion of this two hour Sailing Lesson, feel free to take a tour of the 50-yacht sailing fleet and the uniquely designed 10,000 square-foot facility. Get a real feel for the wind in your sails on the San Francisco Bay during this Two-Hour Introductory Sailing Lesson with a six-membered crew!

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San Diego Surf Lesson

Learn to Surf with a San Diego Semi-Private Surf Lesson It is amazing how proper instruction can accelerate your learning curve and take away some of the frustration most beginner surfers face. This semi-private surf lesson in San Diego will have you surfing in no time! You and other participants will begin with a half hour instruction on Mission Beach learning the basics techniques and stretches before you hit the water. Once ready, you will head into the water and learn more about safety and ocean awareness including lateral currents and rip tides, paddling and positioning on the board as well as basic wave reading and knowledge. Your lesson concludes with learning to stand on the board and ride the waves. You will have plenty of time to practice the techniques and catch some waves! After your surf lesson, you will have one hour of free equipment rental so you can continue practicing all your new moves! This is perfect for someone who wants to learn how to surf in a group setting!

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