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From its spectacular cities and storybook-perfect coast, to its dazzling theme parks and breathtaking natural wonders, California is one of those vacation spots where if you can’t find something to see or do, you’re probably not looking very hard.

Where else in one day can you—with a healthy dose of California-style enthusiasm and a good strong cup of coffee—surf ocean breakers in the morning and hit the ski slopes before sunset? Admittedly, you might want to chill a bit more than that on vacation, so you can just stash the list of things you didn’t get to this time for the next time you come. In fact, it’s not unusual to bump into Californians who haven’t seen everything in their home state—it’s that big and that diverse.

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Description: Remote Control Helicopter Captures California's Beauty - Henry is living his dream, and it happens to have a remote control and an incredible view. Imagine soaring over California's iconic boardwalks, beaches and coastline like this.