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Hello! I’m Georgia and I’m a 5 Star tour guide in Rome, the Eternal City. And occasionally London too.

I love to “lift the bonnet” of a city; to look beneath the façade of a place and discover its secrets… As you can imagine, Rome captured my heart and my imagination immediately and I have had a love affair with the place since I moved there in 2009. A highlight of my tour-guiding career was when the British Embassy asked me to take none other than HRH Prince Harry around the Eternal City. (It was definitely the most romantic afternoon of his life).

In nearly eight years, I have collected many stories and little known secrets about Rome and in 2015 I put them together in a free podcast called Secret Cities which is all about Rome, have a listen on itunes, soundcloud or stitcher.

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There are so many grand basilicas, famous piazzas and legendary monuments as well as interspersed lesser known little pockets of Rome. One of the charms of visiting the Eternal City is to lose yourself in the back streets of the historical centre as you stumble upon the Pantheon by accident – yet it is extremely easy to get sucked into expensive tourist traps. I hope this series of articles helps you to lift the veil on Rome and explore its cobblestoned alleyways, uncover its secrets and live La Dolce Vita like the locals! It goes without saying that there really is no need and no excuse to eat and drink badly in Rome – so I’ll be sure to get you off the tourist trail and into the gastronomic goodies in these little articles!

A little about me: I’m what is commonly called a “third culture kid” – I am British and went to boarding schools (sadly not Hogwarts) in southern England whilst my family trotted around the globe. This globetrotting impulse has led me on my own adventures between London, Rome and my annual “big adventure” to far flung lands in the winter months. My family is spread around Europe, Africa and the Far East. Christmas is a little tricky.

Guide for Hire

I run a huge variety of tours in Rome from arty, culture vulture tours, underground tours, to food and wine tours (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it) and can also recommend other companies and top notch guides in Rome, London, Paris and Berlin. So if you want to book a tour with me or get some advice on Rome or other cities please do get in touch here or through my website .

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