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If we're not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn't settle for junk food. - Sally Edwards

Andrea lives and breathes SoleèVita which is an authentic lifestyle pursuit exemplifying a “holistic” approach to life. SoleèVita embodies the ideals of living well in both body and mind. The simple Italian phrase “SoleèVita” translated means "Sun is Life" and SoleèVita celebrates the energy and spirit of life!

The iconic SoleèVita symbol is a combination of the universal external energy source of life – the Sun, and our internal source - the Solar Plexus. The Sun “illuminates” life and provides the source for life in the Universe while the Solar Plexus is believed to be the center for unrefined emotions and personal power and the "center" which our spiritually, sense of satisfaction, contentment and power of will originate. When external and internal energies converge, we enjoy greater sense of fulfillment and contentment within our spiritual and physical lives. Hence, SoleèVita!

The spirit of sun and life can be experienced best at a local farmers market, a streetside vendor or an authenic family restaurant. Andrea is an accomplished traveler with an independent spirit. She embraces the spirit of Slow Food and professes the vaule of bio-diversity. Nurturing your body as well as your mind is the foundation to living SoleèVita! She brings a fresh natural approach to culinary experiences world-wide.

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