U.S. Food Tours

Every region you visit has its own distinct cuisine and flavors.

We're sure you’ve heard about the exotic worldwide locales featuring delicious Italian food or the spicy fare from India. For those of us based in the United States who want to test out the native food and drink of a neighboring (or even our own) state? Instead of taking your chances of a tour that you look up on your phone or questionable review site, you can receive a much better, and well-rounded, culinary experience of the area by embarking on a food tour! We've compiled a list of the top food tours in popular U.S. destinations worth traveling for. You’ll be able to eat the unique dishes, and partake of some of the craftiest brews around - among many other treats! Since we’ve done the leg work for you, all you have to do is show up hungry!

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Albuquerque, NM Food Tours

Taste of Old Town Albuquerque

What to expect: The Taste of Old Town Albuquerque tour is a 2.5 hour food tasting and cultural walking tour featuring generous sit-down restaurant tastings, a dessert tasting and a leisurely walk highlighting the history and culture of of Old Town Albuquerque. For most guests, this tour is enough for lunch!

  • Albuquerque, NM USA

Atlanta, GA Food Tours

Atlanta Food Walks

We do things a little differently. We are food experts who believe in the power of storytelling. We create awesome experiences that are fun, informative, and delicious. We connect history, culture, and community with food. We support exceptional local restaurants and food vendors. We foster curiosity by spotlighting unexpected places and underserved neighborhoods. And, above all else, we believe that the world is a good place with good people in it.

  • Atlanta, GA USA

Peachtree Food Tour

Join us for a stroll along Peachtree Street, Atlanta’s most well known avenue, tasting and sipping and learning. I love my neighborhood. I live and eat on Peachtree Street. I am surrounded by great restaurants…and a rich, rich history. ...

  • Atlanta, GA USA

Marietta Food Tours

Marietta Food Tours is designed to provide you with an enjoyable and unique food tasting experience. If you are looking for an adventurous twist on regular tours, let us be your guide. Marietta is a sparkling gem of a southern suburban city, with the Square itself as its centerpiece. Not only will you get to explore the charming Marietta Square, you will become immersed in its quaint surroundings as you take in its picturesque historical architecture and intriguing eateries. Marietta Food Tours offers you the opportunity to sample an eclectic variety of delectable foods from locally owned restaurants, specialty shops and bakeries, all within walking distance from each other, as well as locals’ perspectives on the cultural landmarks and historical significance of the city. By the end of the tour, you’ll have gained a taste for both the culinary and historical flavor of this vibrant hub of a town square. Come savor Marietta Square’s finest selection of food and beverage offerings! taste. stroll. be happy.

  • Atlanta, GA USA

Austin, TX Food Tours

The San Jacinto Street Tour

What to expect: The tour tip-toes through America’s heart and homeland with foods that reflect pure, American pride before finally reaching the journey’s end – the culinary capitol of the world! It’s here in this France-inspired brasserie where sweet and savory sway to the distinctive flavors of Paris as they tease and tantalize the taste buds.

  • Austin, TX USA

Charleston, SC Food Tours

Savor the Flavors of Charleston

What to expect: Stone Ground Grits, Charleston Benne Wafers, Locally Made Gourmet Chocolates, Southern Pralines, Sweet Tea, Collard Greens, and Lowcountry Barbeque

  • Charleston, SC USA

Charleston Chefs' Kitchen Tour

What to expect: Explore the history of the restaurant, learn about the chef’s approach to culinary excellence, have the menus interpreted by a pro, and tour the kitchen for a close-up peek at just what it takes to produce those fabulous meals.

  • Charleston, SC USA

Savor the Flavors of Upper King Street

What to expect: Experience our unique tasting tour in the famous Upper King Street area. Sample mouth-watering dishes of Lowcountry cuisine from the popular culinary innovators in this ever-evolving restaurant district.

  • Charleston, SC USA

Charleston Dessert Tour

What to expect: Huguenot Tort, Lemon Bar, Coconut Cake, Southern Pralines, Chocolate Truffles, and Petit fours

  • Charleston, SC USA

Charleston Culinary Tour

What to expect: The Charleston Culinary Tour visits 3-4 different restaurants and combines elements of a historical tour with a culinary adventure!

  • Charleston, SC USA

Chefs' Kitchen Tour

What to expect: The Chefs' Kitchen Tour will visit five restaurants and introduce you to Charleston chefs who will discuss the inspirations for their restaurants and provide a tour of their kitchens. In addition to visiting kitchens, the tour will include various samples along the way.

  • Charleston, SC USA

Chef's Showcase at the Farmer's Market Culinary Tour

What to expect: You will meet your tour guide and that day's participating Chef, who will lead the group to the farmer's market to pick out the freshest ingredients the market has to offer. After you and your Chef pick out ingredients and you explore the market, your guide will take the group on a walking tour for approximately 45 minutes. Meanwhile, the Chef will prepare a multi-course meal utilizing the ingredients just purchased at the market, for a true farm-to-table experience.

  • Charleston, SC USA

Chicago, IL Food Tours

Pilsen – Little village – Heart of Chicago Tour

What to expect: These vibrant and bustling West Side neighborhoods were originally inhabited by both wealthy and working class Czechs and Eastern Europeans who were bound by culture and not welcome in other areas of the city. In the early 1960’s the neighborhoods started to become Latino and is today home to some of the best Mexican food, art and culture anywhere. Located within Pilsen, the “Heart of Chicago” is Chicago’s oldest Italian neighborhood and The Little Village is known as “The Mexico of the Midwest.”

  • Chicago, IL USA

Cleveland, OH Food Tours

Tremont Food Tour

What to expect: Our Tremont Food Tour will explore the progression of the neighborhood’s cuisine, from its ethnic working class roots to the high end gastronomic experiences available today.

  • Cleveland, OH USA

Houston, TX Food Tours

Airline Markets Tour with Ryan Hildebrand and Pat Sommers

What to expect: By bus, join acclaimed Houston Chefs Ryan Hildebrand & Pat Sommers of Triniti for a fabulous tour of the markets along Airline Drive. You will get to experience them the way chefs do! You'll also sample from the best restaurants along Airline and the surrounding neighborhood, from a Mexican bakery to a classic seafood hot spot.

  • Houston, TX USA

Kansas City, MO Food Tours

The Original KC Barbecue Tour

What to expect: Travel to 4 restaurants in the Kansas City area. Enjoy a portion of each restaurant’s best smoked meats and side dishes. Each restaurant will offer a meat and side dish to every guest. Tour Kansas City’s historic neighborhoods. Get a behind the scenes look at how barbecue is prepped, smoked and served.

  • Kansas City, MO USA

Los Angeles, CA Food Tours

Original Farmers Market Food & History Tour

What to expect: Explore LA's Original Farmers Market, a landmark unlike any other in southern California, on an entertaining, informative and delicious Melting Pot Food Tour. Artisan butchers, bakers and candymakers, a gourmet grocery emporium with one of L.A.'s finest cheese counters, an international spice merchant endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, local celebrity chefs, and more....so much to discover and, more importantly, to taste at this famed Los Angeles location.

  • Los Angeles, CA USA

Old Pasadena Food Tasting Walking Tour

What to expect: Colorful alleys and secret thru-ways spice up our walk as we seek out spectacular ethnic eateries and sweetstuff havens in historic Old Pasadena. Enjoy all the fascinating stories behind the foods when you explore this historic district, once just a sunny haven of colorful orange groves.

  • Los Angeles, CA USA

Louisville, KY Food Tours

The “Everything” Tour

What to expect: The title of this tour pretty much says it all! On this fun and unique tour, you will get to see the best sights, hear the history and stories and taste the delicious traditional foods that give Louisville its unique flavor.

  • Louisville, KY USA

Minneapolis, MN Food Tours

Historic Minneapolis Food Tour

What to expect: Tastings are provided by six one-of-a-kind restaurants and specialty stores, adding to the story of how this neighborhood developed and has sustained its thriving and diverse ethnic community.

  • Minneapolis, MN USA

Nashville, TN Food Tours

East Nashville Food Tour

What to expect: With six tasting stops over three hours, you’ll have a chance to try a variety of local foods, including several voted “Best of Nashville.” Tastings vary with seasonal ingredients and always include a delicious mix of savory and sweet.

  • Nashville, TN USA

Midtown Nashville Food Tour

What to expect: With six tasting stops over three hours, you’ll savor a wonderful variety of local foods and learn the stories behind Nashville’s dining institutions and rising culinary stars. You’ll enjoy elevated Southern cuisine, chef-driven pub fare and tastes that Nashvillians have enjoyed for decades.

  • Nashville, TN USA

SoBro Downtown Nashville Food Tour

What to expect: With six tasting stops over three hours, you’ll savor a variety of local flavors. Elevated Southern fare mingles with comfort food, and seasonal ingredients are always in the mix. You’ll indulge in the world’s first combination candy bar created more than 100 years ago--and reimagined deliciously today.

  • Nashville, TN USA

Historic Germantown Food Tour

What to expect: This tour starts at the Farmers Market where you will have your first restaurant tasting. We then walk on brick sidewalks through historic Germantown, the first Nashville neighborhood, which is in the peak of redevelopment. We will eat at five to six popular and delicious restaurants and specialty shops, as well as stop for a “taste” of history along the way!

  • Nashville, TN USA

The Gulch Tour

What to expect: We start out the Gulch tour at the beautiful and historic Union Station Hotel, which was the home of the train station. We will walk across the viaduct bridge and take steps down into the vibrant Gulch district which is a hotspot for young urbanites, with popular award winning restaurants, shops, offices, and high rise living. We will stop at 5-6 award winning restaurants and specialty shops for some delicious local foods.

  • Nashville, TN USA

Music City Bites and Sites Tour

What to expect: Explore the downtown historic area on foot and fuel your 3-hour, 1.5 mile journey with some tasty treats along the way! We'll sample delicious local foods, a little beer and/or a cocktail, specialty confections, and more as we share history, architecture, and local lore with you.

  • Nashville, TN USA

New Orleans, LA Food Tours

Magazine Street Foodie Tour

What to expect: Get a taste of New Orleans cuisine on Magazine Street - the secret foodie paradise for locals and an iconic New Orleans neighborhood! This three-hour tour visits four savory stops and one dessert stop for a dining experience that is both filling and fun!

  • New Orleans, LA USA

New York, NY Food Tours

The Heart of The Village

What to expect: Take a culinary journey to the corner of New York favored by rebels, gangsters, hippies, musicians, and legends. Explore the downtown streets known for serving up expertly crafted food.

  • New York, NY USA

Philadelphia, PA Food Tours

Taste of Philly Food Tour

What to expect: The Taste of Philly food tour peels away the wax paper and foil to reveal the fascinating history behind Philly’s favorite sandwiches, breakfast foods (scrapple, sticky buns) and snacks (soft pretzels, Goldenberg Peanut Chews) and the vibrant and historic Reading Terminal Market where they’re sold.

  • Philadelphia, PA USA

Portland, OR Food Tours

Portland Food Carts & Neighborhoods Tour

What to expect: Explore Portland’s best food carts, historic neighborhoods, and iconic bridges on this city-wide culinary adventure. Sit back and relax in our Eat Van as we guide you through the streets of our foodie city to areas known only by locals, with delicious eating stops along the way.

  • Portland, OR USA

Best of Portland Food Tour

What to expect: Experience all the culinary treasures that make this city a foodie destination on this “Best of Portland” food tour. From hip restaurants to craft breweries, and food carts to urban wineries, this tour gives you a taste of everything PDX has to offer.

  • Portland, OR USA

Downtown Portland Tour

What to expect: Stroll through Portland's vibrant downtown with us! We will make 6 delicious stops to eat and drink, including a stop at one of the largest food cart pods in town, a favorite sandwich emporium, a farm-to-table Mexican restaurant, a gorgeous chocolate shop & more.

  • Portland, OR USA

Downtown & The Farmer's Market

What to expect: Experience several of Downtown Portland's notable eateries, from fine dining to food carts. We'll also take you through the Portland Farmers Market, for a special behind-the-scenes chat with a market representative.

  • Portland, OR USA

North Mississippi Avenue

What to expect: North Mississippi Avenue is a historic, artsy and exciting neighborhood on Portland’s north side. It's a "must see" for out of town visitors and one of Portland’s newest culinary hot spots, full of great food and lots of personality.

  • Portland, OR USA

Division Street - Southeast Eats!

What to expect: Division Street is THE hottest neighborhood in Portland! Take a walk with us through this booming neighborhood's creative food & drink scene. We will explore the things that make Division so right now, from a food cart pod that serves beer, to authentic Oaxacan food, Indian street snacks, to an urban winery, you'll love the uniqueness & vibrancy of this neighborhood.

  • Portland, OR USA

Providence, RI Food Tours

Taste of Rhode Island

What to expect: *Bus Tour* Join us for some great food and fun! On this progressive lunch tour you will be introduced to some of Providence’s favorite restaurants and hidden gems! As you travel from restaurant to restaurant aboard your tour bus, your local guide will be filling you in on the different neighborhoods and sights you will be seeing. This tour is a fantastic way to explore our capital city and enjoy our local food!

  • Providence, RI USA

San Diego, CA Food Tours

Pacific Beach Walking Tour

What to expect: On this 3.5-4-hour Pacific Beach walking tour, you’ll start your casual stroll (flip flops encouraged) near Crystal Beach Pier, an icon of the area since its opening in 1927. From there, take in the sights of Garnet Ave & Grand Ave while learning about Wyatt Earp and his role in the development of the neighborhood. While you spot the brimming bunches of beach bums and bronze beauties, you’ll taste some of best food in San Diego, from freshly made pizza pies with a little fusion & flare to first ice cream shop who originated mini ice cream cone flights. This Bite tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the local’s favorite (& most popular) bar & grill, a taste of Japanese-style tapas from Chefs’ with 30+ year’s experience, a generous helping of gourmet comfort food, and a healthy alternative serving smoothies & juices.

  • San Diego, CA USA

Savannah, GA Food Tours

Savannah Sensation

What to expect: You will stay in the heart of the historic district, dine in a landmark restaurant, enjoy a guided "Foodie" tour of the city and learn the secrets of true Southern cuisine from a renowned Savannah chef. During your free time, take a stroll along the historic waterfront where you will find more than 100 unique shop, galleries, fabulous restaurants and captivating nightspots. Includes a stay at the Bohemian Hotel, authentic southern cuisine demonstration show and dinner, a food tour, and dinner at a former cotton warehouse.

  • Savannah, SC USA

First Squares Food Tour

What to expect: Sample delicious foods from Six unique foodie spots surrounding the initial squares built in Savannah while learning about the food, the restaurants, the history and the culture that help shape the tasty Hostess City’s palate.

  • Savannah, SC USA

Famous & Secret East Side Food Tour

What to expect: You’ll take a stroll through the more residential area of Savannah’s Historic District learning the secret spots and the secret tastes at famous spots that would even surprise some locals. Not the tour for the light snacker, so come hungry, leave amazed.

  • Savannah, SC USA

Savannah Culinary Tour

What to expect: You’ll be guided to five different restaurants (along with a gourmet tasting stop or two), and be treated to an experience which combines elements of a historical tour with a culinary adventure. As you sample from top-ranked eateries and ‘off the beaten path’ foodie hot spots within the beautiful Historic District, you’ll learn how various cultures from around the world influenced famous Lowcountry recipes over the centuries.

  • Savannah, SC USA

Savor Savannah Tour

What to expect: On the Savor Savannah tour, you will discover the history and culture of this beautiful city while tasting local specialties, from classic Southern cuisine to rich cultural infusion on Southern fare. Enjoy a progressive lunch, sampling food at six local restaurants, some off the beaten path and all locally owned.

  • Savannah, SC USA

Savannah Foody Tour

What to expect: You will have the opportunity to explore the Historic District and taste Savannah's unique cuisine and many more local sights. During your tour, you will visit seven restaurants and specialty food locations including Lady & Sons, owned by Paula Deen, the Queen of the Food Network.

  • Savannah, SC USA

Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table – Hands-on Cooking Classes

What to expect: Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table has been designed with maximum hands-on opportunity in mind. Our teaching kitchen features five KitchenAid dual-fuel ranges, double wall-ovens, and a 55″ overhead monitor with remote control camera so that wherever you may be cooking you’ll be able to follow along at the chef’s station! Classes focus on various styles of cooking on specialties such as Low Country cuisine, Caribbean cuisine, breakfast and brunch breads, and much more.

  • Savannah, SC USA

Chef Joe Randall’s Cooking School

What to expect: Chef Randall shares his heritage and southern culture with visitors from all over the world. Different classes and demonstrations are held such as, a creole feast, seafood lovers dinner, southern dinner party, and much more!

  • Savannah, SC USA

700 Kitchen Cooking School

What to expect: While crafting and eating delectable creations in entertaining, hands-on classes, each person lends a helping hand in preparing the meal—from peeling shrimp and cooking grits to making praline sauce and homemade biscuits.

  • Savannah, SC USA

Washington, DC Food Tours

U Street & Shaw Neighborhood Tour

What to expect: Develop your taste for the city on this cultural and culinary walking tour through U Street & Shaw neighborhoods. You will enjoy delicious tastings from 6 locally owned restaurants and eateries, while strolling through these iconic neighborhoods.

  • Washington, DC USA

Georgetown Food Tour

What to expect: Our Georgetown Food Tour takes you to the historic yet chic charm of Georgetown, an area that pre-dated Washington DC. You will be transported on this 3.5 hour Food Tour across 250+ years of history, and enjoy flavors closely connected to the Northwest DC neighborhood.

  • Washington, DC USA

The Capitol Hill Food Tour

What to expect: Located within earshot of the US Capitol and the Mall, Capitol Hill is one of the earliest, historically diverse, and most beautiful areas in Washington DC. We will see through the cuisine how the neighborhood has evolved over the years, and gain a better understanding how an area once planned to be the financial center of the district, became the city’s largest manufacturing sector.

  • Washington, DC USA

Little Ethiopia Food Tour

What to expect: The Little Ethiopia Food Tour is the first of our Ethnic Food Tours; these events will focus on the rich and varied ethnic communities and cultures throughout the Washington, DC metro area.

  • Washington, DC USA

U Street Heart and Soul Food Tour

What to expect: U Street, known as "Black Broadway", has been the heart of the African American music scene for over half a century. Once the home of Duke Ellington, it remains a vibrant and exciting neighborhood.

  • Washington, DC USA

Dupont Circle Food Tour

What to expect: Beneath the blue-suit, ID-badge aesthetic of Washington sits a rich subculture of all things artistic, innovative, and hip. That part of the District is alive and well in the Northwest neighborhood of Dupont Circle, home to some of D.C.'s most unique shops, galleries, traditions, and, of course, food and drink.

  • Washington, DC USA

Adams Morgan Ethnic Food Tasting Tour

Adams Morgan has been known for its diversity and ethnicity for most of the 20th century. The turn-of-the-century neighborhood has retained its historic charm while becoming the district's destination for both eclectic cuisine and nightlife.

  • Washington, DC USA

Historic Del Ray Food Tour

What to expect: Del Ray has maintained its small-town feel today as local shops and restaurants line the comfortable and friendly main street. The culinary scene has continued to evolve as creative chefs develop innovative dishes utilizing food sourced from around the region.

  • Washington, DC USA


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