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The Avventure Channel is a premiere shopping tool to inspire, cultivate and foster destination selection and itinerary development. The Avventure Channel website is consumer centric. Our mission is to produce the trusted resource for visitors searching authoritative destination productions for the world’s top destinations by the respective tourism authorities and top independent video producers.

We have YouTube, so why the need for The Avventure Channel?

Destinations are the heartbeat of travel and tourism and, by tradition, DMO’s (Destination Marketing Organization) offer the best authoritative videos for their respective areas. Unfortunately for the “common” traveler, these destination videos are scattered throughout the reaches of the Internet and lumped with a quality-varied mix of other videos on YouTube. There are literally thousands of destination marketing organizations worldwide. Without a thorough micro-knowledge of geography, politics and the travel industry – much less foreign languages, sourcing a DMO-brand site can be a frustrating challenge.

Many times seen as attention competition to DMO videos, the products of independent travel video producers have taken a leading role in destination visual artistry. The visual editor team of The Avventure Channel monitors these DMO sites and delivers the world’s best travel destination videos to one website location. We continually monitor travel trends and research to always ensure we are providing a product that is being sought by consumers. If we find an interesting piece of UGC, we’ll bring it to our website. Finally, our imaginative team creates social media campaigns to build awareness and announce new premiers of exciting new releases.