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The Avventure Channel was developed for those who want to connect to others and the world in an authentic way. Our enthusiasts push boundaries, they map out their own itineraries and they prioritize staying in local neighborhoods rather than cookie-cutter hotels. Our audience is strongly driven by search—a quest for just the right experience that fits their mood, interest and personality.

The Avventure Channel is a premiere shopping tool to inspire, cultivate and foster this unquenched passion for selecting the most-satisfying destination and itinerary development. The Avventure Channel brings together the best travel videos and adventure lifestyle videos into one place. We curate the best authoritative and user-generated travel videos of the world’s top destinations. We expertly organize them into their natural travel destinations, share our opinions and offer them in a familiar channel-style format.

Finally, we provide expert articles, itinerary suggestions and authoritative commentary for the most-sought destinations and curated travel offers to deliver the experiences highlighted in many of our video selections.

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